AIS - Account Information Services

Secure and easy access to retrieve bank account information


Singleview Open Banking API reduces the complexity to connect with multiple banking institutions through its simple, secure, and easy-to-integrate platform. Account Information Services (AIS) API is a unified platform that enables TPPs & PSUs to access a variety of bank account information and manage day-to-day transactions irrespective of the various banking format and market standards.



To access Account Information Services (AIS), a user shall mandatory hold active consent. The consent authorizes Singleview Open Banking platform to fetch the account details on the behalf of the user/TPP/PSU.


Singleview Open Banking API - Account Information Services

Modules & Operations

Singleview Open Banking Account Information Services (AIS) APIs provide the users with the following options:

Consent Management

Consent in Open Banking AIS is a pivotal scene that indicates to the banking institutions that the account owner has authorized the TSP and has granted them appropriate permissions to fetch account information on their behalf. Singleview AIS APIs allow the users to manage their consents by providing the following consent management operations:

      > Add consent
      > Delete consent
      > View consent
      > Refresh consent

Account Information

Singleview Open Banking APIs can provide account details and list out the accounts that are consented to by the user. The accounts module of Account Information Services (AIS) provides the users to:

      > Get list of all accounts 
      > Get account(s) information

Balance Information

The Balance Modules allow the PSUs to retrieve balance (all types of balances) of single or multiple bank accounts using Singleview's AIS APIs. The PSUs/Users can perform the following operations through the AIS API's Balance module:

      > Get account balance (Single account)
      > Get accounts balances (Multiple/bulk accounts)


Singleview AIS API allows the PSUs to operate the Transaction module to fetch transactions and transaction details by performing the following operations:

      > Get transaction details (Single account)
      > Get transaction details (Multiple/bulk accounts)