About SingleView Data API


SingleView Data API is a secure medium to access accounts, transactions, balance data, and other financial information. The service applies to all the integrated banks on the network.

Data API Services

A user can get access to the following options/services depending upon their license/plan types:

  • Get Account information - Account holder name, Account status, Account number, etc.
  • Get Accounts Balances - Currency details, Available balance, Opening balance, Closing balance, etc.
  • Get Transactions - Value date, Entry date, Amount, Reference numbers, Description, etc.

The above picture represents the data flow and exchange between the user and SingleView Data API.

A registered API user can request for any of the available functionalities, depending upon their access to the SingleView Data API modules.

The request and response are to be in the recommended JSON format with appropriate information in the Header and Body should be passed through the corresponding link among:


Domain details:

To access the Sandbox or Testing phase:

To access the Live phase features and services:

This request flows through the integration system and the user credentials will be validated.

  • If a request is valid, the system will process it through the API platform and provide an appropriate response
  • If a request is found to be invalid, then the system will abort the further processing by naming it as "Unauthorized/Invalid"


Condition to use SingleView Data API

To access the SingleView Data API platform, a user must have a registered account and provide the required API Keys

SingleView Data API Categories

SingleView Data API is broadly categorized into three parts namely,


There are a total of 2 modules belonging to the Data API:

A user can choose to access certain or all the modules, banks, and other functionalities depending upon their interest or requirement. The user API accounts will be configured for the available functionalities during registration and can be changed upon request if required.

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