IBAN Verification

Validate and verify account information

SingleView IBAN Verification service allows you to ensure that the provided IBAN account is valid, accurate, and right for the financial transaction. It facilitates and streamlines your international money transfers by ensuring accuracy in account number information.

IBAN Verification helps in confirming that the provided IBAN is valid and belongs to the right person.


Mandatory information

  • The user must provide the valid credentials in the header
  • Encrypted and valid Signature and an active "Access Token"
  • Request format as specified with all the mandatory details with appropriate request tags

🌐Domain details

End-point details

EndpointHTTP OperationGrant typeService validations
/api/getbeneficary/bankdetailsPOSTThe header should include:
1. clientsecret
2. clientid
3. Device
4. Authorization: Bearer
- Encrypted and valid Signature
- IPs Whitelisting
- Token Validation
- Valid/Active B2B company code
- Valid SABB Account Number/IBAN number

Sample request

curl --location 'https://sandboxapi.onesingleview.com/api/getbeneficary/bankdetails' \
--header 'clientsecret: Enter-Client-Secret' \
--header 'clientid: Enter-Client-Id' \
--header 'Device: Device-type' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <Enter-Token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "Message": {
        "OSVBeneficiaryBankDetailsRequest": {
          "OSVBeneficiaryBankDetails": [
              "IBANAccount": "Enter_IBAN",
              "NationalId": "Enter_National_ID"
    "Signature": "Enter_Signature"

Request description:

JSON TagDescriptionData type
Header information (client credentials)Object & String
Root nodeObject
This tag contains bank requestObject
Unique IBAN informationString
Specific Mandatory
Unique national identification of the account holder
Mandatory for all banks except SNB
Encrypted string obtained by processing request body with Private Key/Certificate through SHA-256 with RSA Algorithm (Crypto : JCE Sign)String

Sample responses

  "OSVBeneficiaryBankDetailsResponse": {
    "BeneficiaryBankDetailsMessage": [
        "BankCode": "Bank_Code",
        "TransactionReferenceNumber": "Transaction_Reference_Number",
        "StatusCode": "Active",
        "StatusDetail": "Success",
        "BICCode": "BIC",
        "InstitutionName": "Institution_Name",
        "BeneficiaryNameMasked": "Masked_Name",
        "City": "City",
        "ZipCode": "ZIP_Code",
        "NationalId": "National_Id",
        "InstitutionStatus": "Active"
  "OSVBeneficiaryBankDetailsResponse": {
    "BeneficiaryBankDetailsMessage": [
        "BankCode": "Bank_Code",
        "TransactionReferenceNumber": "Transaction_Reference_Number",
        "StatusCode": "Inactive",
        "StatusDetail": "Failed",
        "BICCode": "",
        "InstitutionName": null,
        "BeneficiaryNameMasked": null,
        "City": "",
        "ZipCode": "",
        "NationalId": null,
        "InstitutionStatus": "Inactive"

Response description

JSON TagDescriptionData type
OSVBeneficiaryBankDetailsResponseRoot nodeObject
BeneficiaryBankDetailsMessageElement root containing response of every bankObject
BankCodeName of the bank
TransactionReferenceNumberSender company code/Identifier provided by the bank during on-boardingString
StatusCodeActive or InactiveString
StatusDetailSuccess/Failed response detailString
BICCodeUnique Bank Identification/Identifier CodeString
InstitutionNameName of the institutionString
BeneficiaryNameMaskedBeneficiary name displayed with masked characters String
CityCity of the institutionString
ZipCodeZip code of the institutionString
NationalIdNational ID of the account ownerString
InstitutionStatusStatus of the institution to be Active or InactiveString