Signature algorithm

Below is the sample algorithm to generate a Signature Code:

SIGNATURE_KEY : Signature_Key // your signature key

let encode = base64encode(JSON.stringify(req.body));
encode = encode + "Signature_Key";
let signature = sha256(encode);

function sha256(str) {
  let hash = crypto.createHash("sha256")update(str).digest("hex");
  return hash;

Algorithm breakdown

  • The first encoding represents the Base64 encoding of the Request Body
  • The second encoding is performed to the first encoded result with the Signature Key
  • SHA256 algorithm is applied to the second encoded result
  • A Hexa Stash Code is generated with the SHA256 string
  • The end result of the process is your Signature Code

Here's a sample Signature Code:


Sample Signature Code - 64-bit String



Possible Responses

❌ In case of Signature Key mismatch, an "Unauthorized or Invalid" response will be reflected
⚠️ If the process encounters a technical error, the system will respond the request as "Technical/Internal/Server Error"