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SingleView API platforms can be accessed only by the registered and authorized users. If you are new user, you need to create your SingleView account and log into your account to access the available API platforms.


Create your SingleView account

You can create yourself a new SingleView API by following any one of the these registration methods:

Registration method 1: Register online at SingleView Website

To send your registration request to create a new SingleView API user account online, follow the below steps:

Registration method 2: Send registration application through email

To send your registration request for creating a new SingleView API user account through email, compose an email with your requirements and send it to the email address [email protected]. It is better to draft your email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Details of the API/Service requirements
  • Names of the interested banks to access
  • Expected number of users, requests, etc.

Post-application process

Once you submit your application, you will soon get a response to the provided communications. Initially, your requirements will be gathered and confirmed to suggest you the right solution. After you agree with the terms of use and payments, a new User API account is created.

The Super Admin (in-house) is responsible to create new API users. Upon a new registration request, a user is created with access to certain or all the modules, banks, and other functionalities as agreed by the user or as per the subscribed license plan.

Get your login credentials

The approval email notification received by the user shall include the following details:

🔐 SingleView Account Credentials - Temporary login details that provide an one-time access to SingleView platform. See Configure your account for more details

📃 SingleView Developer's Hub Details - Quick links to access API Documentation, API Reference, etc.

📇 Contact & Helpdesk Information - Contact details of all the departments



The account credentials included in the email are the login details for your SingleView API account and are not your Client ID & Client Code.

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