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Registration Process & Guidelines

Open Banking B2B API Services

Important Notice: Access is currently available only to the registered organizations with active CR Number

To register a SingleView B2B API Services user account, please follow these steps:



Please ensure that you meet the registration requirements before proceeding with the process. Keep the mobile phone for verification and information about your Commercial Registration, business email address, and National ID/Iqama handy to complete the process.

  • Click here to visit the registration page
  • Enter your mobile number and complete the 4-digit OTP verification process
  • To proceed further, link your company and personal identity information by entering the Commercial Registration (CR) number, business email address, and National ID/Iqama details
  • The details are then validated and the corresponding company as per the CR number provided will be linked
  • You can proceed to add your bank accounts and start using SingleView B2B API Services

API Services - Open Banking, Data, Payments, & ERP Integration

Send your registration request via email to [email protected]. Make sure to explain your requirements and the following information:

  • Your name and company name
  • Contact information and/or email address
  • Details of the APIs and service requirements
  • Names of the interested banks to access
  • Expected number of users, requests, etc.

Post-application process

Upon submission of your application, you can expect a prompt response via the provided communication channels. Our team will promptly gather and verify your requirements to propose an appropriate solution. Once you have agreed to the terms of use and payment arrangements, a new API User account will be generated.

The Super Admin, who operates internally, holds the responsibility of creating new API user accounts and managing registrations. Upon approval of a new registration request, a user account is created, granting access to specific modules, banks, and functionalities as mutually agreed upon by the user or in accordance with the subscribed license plan.

Once your account is created, you'll be notified via email that includes all the necessary information.



The account credentials included in the registration approval email are the login details for your account and are not your Client ID & Client Code.