Basics of SingleView Open Banking APIs and their usage


SingleView Open Banking is a cutting-edge financial data aggregation solution that empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their financial data and transactions. It facilitates secure and authorized access to comprehensive financial information from multiple sources, all through a single, unified API. With SingleView Open Banking APIs, you can seamlessly integrate diverse financial data into your applications, improving user experiences and opening up a world of possibilities.

SingleView Open Banking APIs are a set of data and payment services that allow you to make transactions related to data and payment transfers using the Account Information Services (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS). Our modern APIs are flexible enough to match your requirements, integrate with your Application platforms, and securely get you the desired service responses.

This comprehensive documentation is your gateway to harnessing the potential of SingleView Open Banking, enabling you to create secure, efficient, and customer-centric financial applications.

Accessing APIs


SingleView Open Banking APIs can be accessed in two environments using their corresponding domain endpoints:
ProductionTo be provided upon successful onboarding to the LIVE environment

API services

Available API Services

Account Information Services (AIS)1. Consent Management
2. Accounts
3. Balance
4. Transactions
5. Parties
6. Direct Debits
7. Standing Orders
8. Scheduled Payments

Upcoming API Services

Payment Initiation Services (PIS)1. Payments
2. Refunds
3. Request-To-Pay
4. Variable Recurring Payment (VRP)