Secure and easy payments with SingleView Open Banking APIs


SingleView Open Banking APIs reduce the complexity of connecting with multiple banking institutions through its simple, secure, and easy-to-integrate platform. Payment Initiation Services (PIS) API is a unified platform that enables access to various payment services to manage day-to-day transactions irrespective of the multiple banking formats and market standards.



SAMA has recently announced Payment Initiation Services (PIS) regulations. PIS modules are under development and will be available soon.

API Services

The following services can be accessed through SingleView Open Banking Payment Initiation Services (AIS) APIs:

Single Payment Consent

  • Single instant payment
  • Single future dated payment

Long-Lived Payment Consent (Multi-Payments)

  • Fixed Recurring Payment
  • Fixed On-demand Payment
  • Variable Recurring Payment
  • Variable On-demand Payment
  • Variable-defined Recurring Payment
  • Combined Payment


  • Single Use Refund Consent
  • Long-Lived Refund Consent

Request to Pay (RTP)

  • Single Use RTP Consent
  • Long-Lived RTP Consent