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SingleView Open Banking represents a transformative approach in financial data sharing, enabling a seamless and secure interaction between banks, financial institutions, third-party providers, and customers. Our APIs are designed to facilitate a robust open banking ecosystem, empowering developers to create innovative products, solutions, and services.

Purpose of Doc

This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide for developers interacting with SingleView's Open Banking APIs. It aims to provide detailed insights into our API functionalities, ensuring a smooth and secure integration process for accessing financial data.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Data Security: Detailed information on how SingleView APIs implement advanced encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard data integrity and privacy.
  • Consent-Driven Data Access: Instructions on managing customer consent, adhering to rigorous data protection and privacy standards.
  • SingleView API Endpoints: Exhaustive descriptions of each API endpoint provided by SingleView, including request/response structures, error handling, and practical examples.
  • Integration Best Practices: Expert recommendations for integrating with SingleView APIs, ensuring efficient and reliable system performance.
  • Support and Troubleshooting: Guidance on resolving common integration challenges and details on accessing SingleView’s developer support.

Intended Audience

This documentation is tailored for software developers, IT professionals, and technical teams aiming to integrate with SingleView Open Banking APIs. It presupposes a foundational understanding of web technologies and API concepts.

Navigating through the Doc

  • Guides: Introductory section outlining the initial setup procedures and guiding through the API calls.
  • API Reference: An all-inclusive catalog of SingleView’s API endpoints with detailed technical specifications.
  • Security and Authentication: Insights into SingleView’s security framework and instructions for authenticating your applications.

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