Make ERP API Payments to Unsaved Beneficiaries

Added benDetails tag that can be used instead of benERPCode to make payments to unsaved beneficiaries.

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Added Bank Identifier Codes for ERP APIs

Incorporated additional banks along with their respective SingleView Identifier Codes into the User Inputs.

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Added SADAD services in Payouts

B2B Payouts & Info API are now introduced with the new SADAD services that allow users to enquiry, pay, get status and get refund of Bills and MoIs. The following options are added options:


Added Payly to Open Banking

New Payly payment feature has been added under Open Banking View changes


Updated account statement response

B2B Payouts & Info API's response for Account Statement (MT-940) has been updated and will now carry 4 new additional parameters View changes


Updated bank and identifier codes

ERP Integration API's user input details have been updated with the list for banks and their identifier info View changes


Updated endpoint for IBAN Verification and added a new header parameter

  • B2B Payouts & Info API's endpoint URL has been updated to /api/v1/getbeneficary/bankdetails from /api/getbeneficary/bankdetails
  • Included CompanyId in the header parameter View changes

Authentication endpoint updated

B2B Payouts and Info API's endpoint URL to request Access Token has been updated to /v1/api/svplatform/tokenOauth2 View changes


Body param changes to IBAN Verification

B2B Payouts & Info API's request format for IBAN Verification has been updated to include multiple IBANs in a single verification request View changes