SingleView ERP Integration API


SingleView ERP Integrator API is an HTTP-based platform allowing registered and authorized users to request and retrieve data, raise and execute requests, initiate payments, and perform other financial and organizational operations. Every operation requires sending a valid JSON request to a HTTPS post location. In return, the users will get JSON-encoded and standard response codes.

For ERP Solutions of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc., the following are the categories divided based on the necessity and data types:

  • Masters – These are the most critical APIs/data connection points required for the implementation and operation of the Singleview solution functionalities

  • Transactional – These APIs/data-connection-points carry day-to-day actions and should be synched properly to have proper reports

  • Batch or Periodic Sync – These APIs/data-connection-points are used to periodically synchronize the data


Representation of data flow through ERP Integration APIs


Domain details

The request flows through the integration system based on the validity of the user credentials.

  • If a request is valid, the system will process it through the API platform and provide an appropriate response
  • If a request is invalid, the system will abort further processing by naming it as "Unauthorized/Invalid."

API Services

The following services can be accessed through SingleView ERP Integration APIs:

  • Group & Company Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Account Management
  • Transactional Operations
    • Payment services
    • Payment enquiry & Webhook
    • ARAP services
  • Payroll
    • Process Payroll payments
    • Get payroll info & status via Webhook
  • Virtual Accounts
  • Statements
  • IBAN Validation

Users can access specific or all the modules, banks, and other functionalities depending on their interests or requirements. The user API accounts will be configured for the available functionalities during registration and can be changed upon request if required.