Setup Console Account

A walkthrough about how to manage your account

Once you've registered your Console account, the first thing to do is set up your App and account details.

Configure Console account

Manage your account with the dropdown options available in Account (available at the top right corner)

Screen showing account management options

Screen showing account management options

Profile- Manage your information to log in and communication and your company information
- Update company information, company logo (recommended size 250 X 250 px in JPG, JPEG, PNG formats) and choice of currency
User Management- Invite new users to collaborate on SingleView platform
- Manage existing team members
BillingManage account subscriptions, billing, invoices and payments. Billing cycle will be activate once you have your App in Production environment
Deposit accountSetup and manage bank accounts to collect and facilitate your payments

Add an App

  • Click on the Add your first app
  • Choose the type of service among Open API or SDK
  • Fill in the details appearing on the side-screen
  • Choose the environment



It is recommended to observe the behavior of your App in the Sandbox environment and then move to the Production environment

Make App to LIVE

To make your App LIVE, you need to move it to the Production environment. Once you have tested your App in Sandbox, you can request access to the' Production' environment via email to [email protected]. Our Team will contact you soon to review and assist you in making your App LIVE.

Console App Menu

After adding your App to the Console, you can find the following options available for access on the menu:

SingleView Console Dashboard

SingleView Console Dashboard

OverviewAn intuitive dashboard delivering the summarized information on the performance and usage of API/SDK services
App SettingsAdd and manage integration of your Apps with SingleView Open Banking
AccountsOpen Banking Account Info services fetching data for use cases:
Account Check Account Balance Account Aggregation Transactions E-Statements Know Your Customer IBAN Validation Customer Verification
Risk DecisioningOpen Banking API services fetching data for use cases:
Income Check Expense Check Credit Check
PaymentsAccess to payments option via Payly
Demo BankInformation and credentials for demo bank users valid under Sandbox environment for testing purposes
API MetricsAccess records and information on API usage for Account Information Services (AIS)
Transaction HitsAccess records and information on API usage for Payment Services (Payly)
ActivitiesTrack and access information about account activities

App Settings

Console - App settings page

Console - App settings page

API Client

This section allows you to manage the client identification and authentication parameters by providing access to the following options:

CredentialsManage clientId & clientSecret also referred as clientCode or Client Secret Code
Available downloads/SDK BundlesFor API: Option to download files related to Postman Collection, Postman Environment and mTLS Authentication
For SDK: Option to download bundles of AIS and PIS for Web, iOS, & Android
Available scopesThis section displays the API services available for access for the specific Console account
Redirect URLsManage redirect URLs for data authentication and payment authorization

App Details

This section allows you to manage the basic App details by providing the following options:

  • App name - Edit and manage your App name
  • Public display name - Allows you to view the business name displayed to all your end-users during their process flows. To edit this, you need to change your company name in Profile > Company Info
  • Delete App - If you want to delete an existing App, click on this button and verify your action by validating with an OTP sent to the registered mobile phone number


Merchant accounts in the Sandbox environment are the accounts that SingleView manages on your behalf. Note that there is no actual data or amount transfer in Sandbox. The sole aim of setting up merchants in Sandbox is for testing purposes.

Merchant accounts in the Production environment allow you to manage payments via SingleView. To use merchant accounts in your live, your App needs to be in the Production environment.

Add Merchant

To add a new merchant:

  • Click on "+ Add Merchant" button on Merchant page
  • Enter the merchant name, mobile number, and email address and submit the details by clicking on the "Add" button

A new merchant will be created with a unique merchant identification specific to the App.

Edit or Delete Merchant

If you ever need to make changes to or delete an existing Merchant, it's a simple process:

  • To edit a URI, click the pencil icon and make the necessary adjustments
  • To delete a URI, click the bin icon next to it